25 January 2010

Celtophile Monday

Wigtown: Scotland's Book Town
Not that many people may have heard of Wigtown, but this small town in Galloway has many book-related businesses, including the largest second-hand bookshop in Scotland. Read more

Unique Dune Habitat May Be Under Threat
‘Machair’ is a Gaelic word, usually taken to refer to an area of low-lying fertile land. Over the years it has come to be used by ecologists to refer to a specific coastal habitat, related to predominantly west-facing coastal areas backed by sand dunes, which is found only in some areas of northern and western Scotland and western Ireland. Read more

Cold Maintains Grip on Scotland
Forecasters have said temperatures in Scotland will remain very low over the weekend, with little let up until next week and more snow likely. Overnight temperatures into Saturday were higher than the previous night, with a low of -14.9C recorded at Dalwhinnie in the Highlands. However, fresh snow fell on several areas of the country, and forecasters have warned more snow is on the way. Ten Scottish Cup fixtures were postponed due to the icy conditions. Read more

Wales in Pictures
Recent reader-submitted pictures from around Wales.

Scotland in Winter White
Scout Out the Legendary White Stag
Scotland By Sled Dog
Watch Video of Seal Pups

Talisman's Mountain Diary

21 January 2010

16 January 2010

Blogging Today on the Samhain Blog

I'm blogging today over a the Samhain Author Blog. Come on over and give me a holler!

08 January 2010

Scotland Within The Gridlines

Stumbled across this amazing site this week - GeoGraph. Click anywhere on the map to zoom in to a treasure trove of photographs! Dare you to click just once!

(Photo: Torwood Castle, near Fallkirk, Scotland. Nigel J C Turnbull)

06 January 2010

Gearing Up For Romantic Times 2010

Every time I go to RT, I end up so tired I swear I'll never do it again! But here I am again, conference fee paid and scrounging for fun promo ideas.

The Beyond the Veil blog authors will be putting together a basket of books to give away, so I'm covered there...

My hand-beaded book thongs always go like hotcakes, so I'll be doing another batch of those...

So, readers, when you attend conferences and get handed your goodie bag, what do you like to see in them?

Personally, I don't keep a lot of paper products like bookmarks and cover flats, however I'm aware many readers collect them so I always keep them on hand. Things I keep: pens and pencils, notepads, emery boards...in other words, anything useful. :)

What about you?