27 July 2009

Celtophile Monday

Welcome back to Celtophile Monday! All sources credited.

Virtual Tour of the Scottish Isles

Thanks to Scottie of Rampant Scotland for this material. It makes me want to book a flight right now! Click here for article.

St. Kilda and the Hebrides
Travel writer Vivien Devlin writes about her recent Scottish islands cruise on board the "Hebridean Princess." Here is her account of the trip.

For a complete index of places to visit in Scotland, courtesy of Rampant Scotland, click here.

History Debate on BBC
This week: "Culloden: A romantic tale of bonnie princes but little more. Was the 1745 Jacobite Rising an irrelevant footnote in Scottish history?" Click here

Extra Protection for Scotland's Battlefields
A list of the country's most important battlegrounds is being drawn up and is expected to be complete by 2011. Councils will then have to consider a site's history when deciding planning applications, although building on battlefields will not be forbidden. The scheme was officially unveiled on the 320th anniversary of the Battle of Killiecrankie, the first major battle of the Jacobite Risings. Read more

Highlands & Islands in Pictures
Click here

Homecoming Scotland 2009
Held last weekend, it was a massive event celebrating (among other things) the 250th anniversary of Robert Burns' birth. More than 8,000 members of 125 clans walked the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, and participated in what may be the largest clan gathering and Highland games in several centuries. Wanna see Sir Sean sing? ;)

Kilt Commercial
Pretty bad accent, but still funny...

And finally...

22 July 2009

Kilt Candy

How cute is this??

Aaaaand how awesome is THIS?

20 July 2009

Thanks, Frank.

RIP Frank McCourt. Writer. Teacher. Inspiration.

19 July 2009

CONTEST on the Beyond the Veil blog!

Check out SJ Willing's new contest! Leave a comment and you could be chosen to be the next PIACT agent, complete with your own ID card and customized short story! Click here.

16 July 2009

Highland Games pictures, as promised!

A sampling of the bonny kilted men of the 2009 Grandfather Mountain Highland Games. Disclaimer: Because I'm a weenie about asking men if I can take their picture, most of these are rear views. LOL)

Proof that no matter what size and shape, a man who knows how to wear a kilt is sexy. Period.

Kilted guy, species Stageus securitum, subspecies dontmesswithme.

Kilted guy, species Marineii homeonleaveus.

Kilted guys. Left: Kiltus traditionalis. Right: Kiltus lurvemycamoii

Kilted guy (my sister's personal favorite), species Tallbootius cavalrii.

Ibid. No, we were NOT stalking him. Okay, maybe a little. Who can blame us for noticing the nice, er, swing of his plaid when he walked? At one point he wore a Civil War kepi but I didn't manage to snap a picture of him wearing it.

Two kilted guys, traveling in pairs for safety from marauding women with cameras. :)

Torchlight Calling of the Clan ceremony. At first it was so foggy on the mountain we could see nothing but the eerie glow of the torches floating in the thick mist. Toward the end it lifted just enough to pick out the silhouettes of kilted men around the torches.

Kilted guy, species Securitum plantmybootinyourarseii.

Kilted guy, species Shawneus backoffladies-he'smarriedii

Kilted guy, a rarely seen subspecies called Cellphoneus waterbottlii.

Kilted guy, species Haha caughtyoutakingmypictureus

Kilted guy, species Competitorius bagpipeii

Not a kilted guy. Has no one heard of Photoshop??

Kilted guy, species Indianajoneus wannabii.

Another rare species, known as Nerdicus sonyii, distinguishable by the camera mounted on the head of his staff. (Um, that sounded kind of dirty, didn't it??)

Kilted guy, species Singingtooloudicus annoyinglii. (They had him set up next to the author tents.)

Kilted young 'un, species Toocuteus forwordsiana.

Species Takeoffyourshirticus prettypleaseii.

Never too old to appreciate a couple nice sets of shoulders!

Highland wrestling, teen division.

Kilted guy, species Romancecover modelii.

Hope you enjoyed! Next year maybe I'll work up the courage to ask for frontal shots. ;)

13 July 2009

Abhainn's Kiss reviewedy by Joyfully Reviewed!

Thanks, Chris! Glad you enjoyed the story. :)

Carolan Ivey’s tales do not fail to delight, particularly if you’re into Celtic and Otherworldly legends. Abhainn’s Kiss falls nicely into that category. Combine that with the lovely and tasteful artwork by Anne Cain and you have a match made in Avalon. Ms. Ivey’s portrayal of an ex-soldier (and how refreshing that he’s not a Special Forces, ex-CIA, ex-FBI, Green Beret, or commando dude) coming to terms with a magical world is especially amusing. Abhainn’s playfulness and childlike innocence adds levity to a world painted as poisoned by man. Abhainn’s Kiss is definitely slated for my virtual keeper shelf. Well done again, Ms. Ivey.

To read the entire review, click here!

03 July 2009

Guest Blogging Today at TRS

Click here to read about the friends who have my back -- even if it's only to deliver well-timed kicks to my butt. :)