21 February 2010

Celtic Ogham Divination series

I've posted a new addition to my series on Celtic Ogham divination over on Beyond the Veil. Enjoy!

15 February 2010

Kilts - Not Just for Scotsmen!

Piper in an Irish military kilt:

Piper in Irish tartan kilt:


Irish National Tartan:

Irish National Tartan:

Irish Kilt Club
Jakes Direct

Okay, not an Irish kilt, but darned cute:

12 February 2010

CONTEST! Romance Junkies Trivia Contest

The Romance Junkies' Valentine's Day Trivia Contest is live!

I'll be giving away a print copy of the Love and Lore print anthology, which contains my sexy novella Wildish Things along with two other smokin' hot stories by Gia Dawn and Sela Carsen.

How to win? "Stroll" with your mouse through the charming shops and cafes of RJ-ville. Roll your mouse through each location to find live links to participating authors' contest pages. Read an excerpt, answer a trivia question correctly, and email it. Each email is an entry, so the more correct answers you send in, the more chances to win.

Here are the official rules:
To enter contests for the newsletter:

  • You must send an email to entercontest@romancejunkies.com with the author's or publisher's name in the subject line.
  • Answer the trivia question and please include your mailing address so if you're chosen, we can email the author immediately.
  • Each prize entry must be a separate email sent with the above information.
  • Contest ends March 31st, 2010.

So click here to get started! Have fun!

11 February 2010

Kilt Candy

Loading Scottish music onto my mp3 player got me in the mood for....KILTS!

Should have pulled a book cover move and lopped this guy's head off. His face does nothing for me but hoo-eee, that chest!

I've seen several pictures of Gerard at this event but never one quite this...uh...phallic.

Not sure who this is, some actor, but he's a cutie.

The facial expression makes this picture. :)

Quite the bonny lad...

Another bonny lad...not sure what he's doing toting a pair of skis around in midsummer. But who cares?

Not sure I'd like a guy with hair prettier than mine... lol

*speechless due to overabundance of drool*

Just a guy walking down my street. Uh huh. As if...

This gentleman might be a little on the rough side, but his outfit is awesome. Ever since we brought the Harley home, I have a thing for leather...

And finally...

08 February 2010

Celtophile Monday

Scottie from Rampant Scotland made this slide show of photographs from the recent Glasgow Green for the World pipe band competition. Music by Moira Kerr. Enjoy!