18 December 2007

Review: I Am Legend


If you love Will Smith's work, as I do, you'll like I Am Legend. He is mesmerizing.

If you liked the movie Cast Away with Tom Hanks, you'll probably like I Am Legend.

If you don't like a paper-thin plot stretched over too much movie, I Am Legend will make you antsy. Twenty minutes into it, my husband was squirming and muttering.

I found a lot to like about this movie, the talented Will Smith being one of them. And some parts that made me go "Awwww, now why did they have to go and do that?" I for one go to movies to escape, and I like coming out of a movie feeling better than I went in. This movie didn't do it for me.


Did you watch Snakes On A Plane? Did you hang with the movie, even enjoy the horrifying campiness of it -- until a certain small animal was sacrificed by the writers for no apparent reason, since we already hated the villian, anyway? Just warning the soft-of-heart like me.

Do you like HEA endings? Depending on your point of view, you may or may not like I Am Legend.


Ashley Johnston said...

I think this movie is for people who like a sincere story telling. Like in the book we get an honest glimpse of Robert Neville, and how the forces about him grate on his character.


Carolan Ivey said...

Thanks for the comment, Ashley!

That was one of the pluses of this movie for me. The same reason I liked Cast Away overall - it is a good story. But without the original book's author's words to "see" into Robert's mind, the movie's pacing drags.

It's a movie I will watch again on DVD, just for the character study. And because I know that in the past there have been movies I've been on the fence about, but fell in love with upon second and third viewings.

And I'll sit on the remote to keep my husband's hands off the fast forward button. [grin]

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