21 April 2009

Temporarily distracted by Facebook!

If I've been a bit MIA lately, it's because I'm still catching up on work after vacation, and I'm busy figuring out Facebook.

Um, does anyone ever REALLY figure out Facebook? Seriously?

Once I've pummelled my Profile and Fan Page into the shape I want them, I'll be back here. :) Mainly I'm trying to get blog and Twitter feeds set up for there's a one-stop place for readers on FB to keep up with me. (Which isn't really that hard...I don't move that fast!)

There's also a new Fan Page for the Beyond the Veil blog, so if you're on FB regularly and would like a little ping when there's a fascinating new post to read, click here and be a fan!

1 comment:

Tink said...

I'm a Facebook-addict! :-) I've sent you a friendrequest.
Love, Tink