02 October 2009

Kilt Candy

Please join me and other Beyond the Veil blog authors on the Samhain Cafe from 7-9 tonight for a chat and book giveaways! Click here.

And now, the real reason you're here. Something to start off your weekend! These are from kiltmen.com. Most of these guys are just normal men who love their kilts, and it shows. Who can resist?? Enjoy!

Kilted paintball, anyone?

Yup, just normal guys...why don't they live on MY block??

Love the shirt (it says "men in kilts do it better")

Is that a horn in your sporran or are you just happy to see me??

A man and his dog...

With a bit of a gladiator flair...

Chestnuts roasting on an open fiiiire...Jack Frost nipping at my-- uh, never mind.

Red-shirted guy: "I told you we were underdressed."
Suit: "Shut up and smile for the camera."

Semper fi!

Have a good weekend!

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