11 February 2010

Kilt Candy

Loading Scottish music onto my mp3 player got me in the mood for....KILTS!

Should have pulled a book cover move and lopped this guy's head off. His face does nothing for me but hoo-eee, that chest!

I've seen several pictures of Gerard at this event but never one quite this...uh...phallic.

Not sure who this is, some actor, but he's a cutie.

The facial expression makes this picture. :)

Quite the bonny lad...

Another bonny lad...not sure what he's doing toting a pair of skis around in midsummer. But who cares?

Not sure I'd like a guy with hair prettier than mine... lol

*speechless due to overabundance of drool*

Just a guy walking down my street. Uh huh. As if...

This gentleman might be a little on the rough side, but his outfit is awesome. Ever since we brought the Harley home, I have a thing for leather...

And finally...

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Karen Mermaid said...

Oh lord!! Feeling faint and grateful now :)