04 March 2008

Ecataromance.com Review: Beaudry's Ghost

I don't normally toot my horn like this, but I just got this review for Beaudry's Ghost from Amelia Richard at ecataromance.com. The more I read, the farther down my jaw dropped. It's quite possibly the most amazing review I've ever received!

Carolan Ivey has crafted a fascinating scenario for her paranormal story, as the imaginative author lets readers experience a multitude of emotions from the often heart-pounding circumstances. The numerous conflicts faced by the characters are frequently chilling and always packed with powerfully intense feelings.

After the death of her twin brother while serving his country, Taylor Brannon feels as though her life has no direction anymore, not even when working at the museum. Both she and her sibling loved anything dealing with the Civil War, so she decides to take his place in the re-enactment of a battle along the North Carolina coast. Although she hoped the event would bring some peace to her life, she quickly finds herself thrown into a frightening nightmare.

Although Jared Beaudry was killed by a ruthless Southern officer in 1862, his spirit still roams the area where he suffered and was even wrongly dishonored as a Union soldier. When he comes upon the group of re-enactors, Jared is helped by another ghost in the hope of finally getting retribution for his death so he can move on. Unfortunately, when he takes possession of the body of another man, he changes more than he could every have imagined.

When Taylor realizes her friends are acting strangely, her psychic abilities tell her they have been taken over by the spirits of the original Civil War soldiers. Her capabilities also let her know the Union prisoner is actually the man whom all believed was just a legend. With her being the only one who can see the truth of the situation besides Jared, she feels staying to fight for the lives of those men she knows is her only option. However, as Taylor learns more about Jared and the disturbing chain of events he had to live through during the war, she finds herself potently drawn to this man and his tragic life.

With heartfelt moments and tension-filled situations, Carolan Ivey brings out the deepest of emotions in her story. Though rather long in length, readers are compelled to quickly keep reading the pages in order to discover what will occur next, plus all its content just means more enthralling scenes. From the first mysterious supernatural event to the riveting conclusion, the suspense mounts as totally unanticipated twists constantly arise. The way this skilled author smoothly blends history and fiction in BEAUDRY’S GHOST is ingenious, as one comes to completely believe each mesmerizing occurrence could possibly take place. Creatively thought out in each scene, this distinctively innovative story intrigues with the out of the ordinary circumstances always surrounding Jared and Taylor. The lives of this couple are portrayed with a depth not typically shown in a story, as unusual heartaches and tribulations presently consume them. They both have an enormous amount of determination, and neither is willing to give in when faced with impossible odds. The inner feelings of Jared and Taylor are passionately depicted, resulting in convincing sincerity between them. Hopefully there will be a sequel, as there are significant questions just begging for an answer. BEAUDRY’S GHOST is continuously gripping with intensity, as reality and the supernatural collide at every turn.

~Amelia Richard


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That is one fabulous review, Carolan. Congratulations!