27 October 2008

Four Hearts from TRS!

Check out my latest review for Abhainn's Kiss from The Romance Studio!

Abhainn lives a sheltered life on an Island off the Irish sea coast not knowing that she is the last of her Faery race. When a life-threatening encounter with a troll reveals the truth of her heritage, she is very shaken. Only having days to complete her destiny in life and take the place in the Great Circle on the Isle of Avalon. Defying the curse that banishes her from the sun, Abhainn must try her best to right wrongs between worlds. Michael Craig is a non-believer in fairy-tales and legends. A kiss seals his fate with Abhainn and brings the past back to haunt him, but it is his fighting skills, determination and ability to accept the unacceptable that will bring him his true destiny with Abhainn. Can a skeptic become a believer?

This is a well-written story that will capture your attention from the first paragraph. Abhainn and Michael are characters developed in such a way that the blending of what they are, faery and human, is done very smoothly. Fantasy is a major theme in this tale and Ms. Ivey does a fine job portraying it with imaginative writing and colorful scenes. The one thing that did draw me in was the innocence of Abhainn and her past connection to Michael even though he doesn't remember them being friends in childhood. I liked the fact that this sets the story up for the future between them. Those who like a good fantasy story that simmers and builds will appreciate this fantastic book.

Review by Tj

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