29 October 2008

Win a FREE print book from Samhain Publishing!

Did you know Samhain Publishing does a monthly print book giveaway? Want to know how get in on it? Here's what you do for this month's contest:

1. If you're not a member already, get thee to the Samhain Cafe and sign up. Contest is for members only.

2. Email your answers to the questions below to the following: cafecontest@samhainpublishing.com by 11:00 am EST October 30, 2008 (that's tomorrow morning)

3. Do NOT post the answers on the cafe.

4. All correct entries will be put in the handy-dandy random number generator and the winner will receive their choice of one of the 14 new print releases! The winner will be announced at 7:00 pm EST Oct 30, 2008.

*hint* there's a question for every new print release. The new print releases and their blurbs and excerpts can be found listed on the RIGHT of the Samhain homepage.

Good luck!


1. In Song of my Heart name one of the feminists Abigail was inspired by.

2. Who are the Blacksuits?

3. In Trinity Broken, which one of the trinity is NOT a shapeshifter?

4. Where is Lachmuirghan?

5. Which new print release unites vampire, were and fey?

6. Anticipation and Seduction consists of which two titles?

7. In Shadowed Knight, what color are Berenger's eyes?

8. What color is Raven?

9. In the Marked excerpt, Liam made a request of Alec, what was it?

10. Name the five brothers in Key West Magic

11. "I should have warned you that Cookie's entire purpose in life is to make me miserable. I'm sorry if he embarrassed you." Who said those words?

12. In Dreams for Stones what type of fish did Kathy catch?

13. Who is Beaudry's ghost?

14. Which title teases you with domination, submission, menage a trios, voyeurism and hot nekkid man-love?

Remember, get your answers in by 11 a.m. Oct. 30 for this month's drawing!

Er, about the graphic...I figured, what'll attract more attention, free books or free beer? Then I thought, why not both? LOL

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