17 January 2009

I'm Thingin' It

So yeah, I really need to get this novella done. So what am I doing? Giving in to an uncontrollable urge to finally catalog my hundres, if not thousands of books.

Yes, friends, I am the Queen of Avoidance.

I've had a LibraryThing.com free account for a couple years now but haven't seriously logged much of anything. Only about 75 books, and just the ones I could remember off the top of my head - not really digging in, laying my hands on every book and writing every one down.

LT makes it pretty easy, though, and also easy to connect with people who have similar reading interests. And they don't spam you and your entire address book like certain other book networking sites. Ahem.

After my husband commented that he could no longer walk around my side of the bed, I knew it was time to face my addiction head on, climb on top of my pile of books and start chipping away at it.

191 books and 3 hours later, I've just covered what's on the floor on my side of the bedroom, and one shelf. There's still another shelf. And let's not forget what's stuffed under the bed.

After that, there's the 8 shelves in the upstairs office...and the four giant metal bookshelves in the basement...and boxes. Oh lord, the boxes.

Why did I do this again?

Because I forget what I have and have been known to buy 2 or even 3 of the same title. [hanging head] I literally can't go into a bookstore and be certain that the book I pick up isn't already somewhere in my house.

It's a sickness.

So how many books are beside YOUR bed? :) Want a peek at what's on my shelves? Scroll down and look for the LibraryThing widget in the sidebar. :)

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