08 January 2009

Thirteen Random Lines from A Ghost of a Chance

Thirteen random lines from my latest release, Legends, Book 2: A Ghost of a Chance. Have fun! :)

1. “If there isn’t a blond man in your life right now, there will be. And I daresay his entrance won’t be subtle.”

2. He narrowed his eyes as this new energy wavered and flickered, like a candle caught in a high wind. In danger of going out.

3. “Will you stop reading my mind?”
“I don’t have to. Besides, I’ve been in your mind. Cobwebs. Yeesh.”

4. “Your door’s open,” Lily remarked, and curled a lip in satisfaction when Ross’s gaze automatically dropped to his own fly. “Your car door, genius.”

5. Don’t breathe, don’t breathe, some last vestige of her conscious mind insisted. Hang on, help will come. It will. It will…

6. “I see,” she said slowly. “You’re not meanin’ her any harm, but you say there’ll be hell to pay if you don’t find her. Now I ask you, my fair fallen angel, how am I to interpret that?”

7. “I think it’s time for you to be havin’ a reading.”
He gave a bark of laughter. “You can’t do a reading for a dead man.”
She continued to lay out the cards, smacking each one down with a vengeance.
He swallowed. “Can you?”

8. “Carey Magennis. You have to let me go.”

9. “I was raised on the scariest ghost stories in the South ever since I was old enough to stay up past sunset. You aren’t missing any body parts, no bones sticking out. So, I’m sorry to say, but for a ghost you really aren’t that scary.”

10. I don’t belong here.

11. This is what I wanted. A safe, secure marriage, no surprises. Two kids and a Golden Retriever. But is it what I want, she contradicted herself in a flash of insight, or what is expected of me?

12. It was him.
His powerful presence bored into her back. As she stared, he leaned close to her ear, his eyes intense, his strong, straight lips moving.
Carey, don’t take the pills tomorrow. We have to talk.
A loud crash. She gasped as icy liquid splattered her feet and ankles. She’d dropped her glass. Her gaze flew back to the window. The man was gone.

13. “Lane, please. I need to disappear. Just for a while."

Thirteen random lines from Legends, Book 1: Beaudry's Ghost.

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