13 July 2009

Abhainn's Kiss reviewedy by Joyfully Reviewed!

Thanks, Chris! Glad you enjoyed the story. :)

Carolan Ivey’s tales do not fail to delight, particularly if you’re into Celtic and Otherworldly legends. Abhainn’s Kiss falls nicely into that category. Combine that with the lovely and tasteful artwork by Anne Cain and you have a match made in Avalon. Ms. Ivey’s portrayal of an ex-soldier (and how refreshing that he’s not a Special Forces, ex-CIA, ex-FBI, Green Beret, or commando dude) coming to terms with a magical world is especially amusing. Abhainn’s playfulness and childlike innocence adds levity to a world painted as poisoned by man. Abhainn’s Kiss is definitely slated for my virtual keeper shelf. Well done again, Ms. Ivey.

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