20 August 2007

Scotophile Monday

Welcome back to Scotophile Monday!

A Sheep Called Skye
The National Theatre of Scotland has created a wide range of theatrical productions, many of them very much for adult audiences. But the highly acclaimed arts organisation also puts on performances for children - and "A Sheep Called Skye" is one of them. Skye may be a sheep, but she was brought up in a Bed and Breakfast rather than a farm. So she longs to find a place where a sheep belongs, rather than feeling, well, sheepish. Read more

Dundee Dolphins
The City of Discovery has a new claim to fame - dolphins swimming in the Tay estuary. More often associated with the Moray Firth, further north, dolphins were spotted in the mouth of the Tay a few years ago. Now there are so many to be seen that Dundee City Council's countryside ranger service, in conjunction with the Marine Volunteer Service, is offering early-morning boat trips for those keen to spot the creatures. Read more

Another Neolithic Settlement Discovered
The 5,000-year-old neolithic settlement at Skara Brae (see graphic) in Orkney is already a World Heritage site. But archaeologists have been working on another site on Orkney for the last three years, which they say could be equally important, now that they have been able to unearth more of the site. The dig at Ness of Brodgar has provided evidence of domestic structures and also those used for ritual and ceremonial purposes. Read more

The Real MacBeth
In recent years there have been a number of efforts to counter the portrayal of the Scottish King Macbeth as an evil murderer. It was Englishman William Shakespeare who wrote the play about Macbeth that did all the damage - and Shakespeare was trying to curry favour with King James VI of Scotland, who in 1603 had inherited the throne of England as well. This week, BBC Radio 4 explored the myths surrounding the 11th century Gaelic-speaking king. Read more

Scottish Castle of the Week
Mains Castle, Dundee

The "Lonely Hearts" column in the Edinburgh Evening News recently carried an advert which read: "Princess, having had sufficient experience with men who think they should be treated as Princes, seeks frog."

This Week in Scottish History
August 19 1561 - Mary Queen of Scots lands at Leith on her return from France, after the death of her husband, King Francis II
August 19 1745 - Charles Edward Stuart, raises his standard at Glenfinnan, at the start of the '45 uprising.
August 19 1932 - Scottish aviator Jim Mollinson landed after the first East/West solo flight of the Atlantic from Portmarnock, Ireland to Pennfield, New Brunswick.
August 20 1897 - Ronald Ross, the first Scot to win a Nobel prize (in 1902) dissected a mosquito and established the link with malaria.
August 21 1689 - Battle of Dunkeld when the newly formed Cameronians defended the town against 3,000 Highlanders.
August 21 1754 - Birth of William Murdoch who pioneered the use of coal-gas lighting in 1792 in partnership with James Watt and Mathew Boulton.
August 21 1937 - Birth of Donald Dewar, former Secretary of State for Scotland and First Minister in the new Scottish Parliament.
August 22 1138 - Battle of the Standard at Northallerton in which King David I was defeated by the English.
August 22 1282 - Devorgilla, Countess of Galloway founded Balliol College, Oxford. She was mother of John Balliol (who acceded to the Scottish throne in 1292).
August 22 1642 - King Charles I raised his standard at Nottingham, initiating a Civil War in England between the Royalists (also known as Cavaliers) and Parliament (Roundheads).
August 22 1960 - "Beyond the Fringe", an influential satirical revue, opened in Edinburgh.
August 23 1305 - William Wallace executed.
August 24 1482 - Berwick on Tweed finally ceded to England (Edward IV) after changing hands 12 times.
August 25 1819 - James Watt, developer of steam power, died.
August 25 1930 - Actor Sean Connery born.

Celtic Band of the Week
The Bards, coming to DragonCon this year.

Scottish Photos
12 Magnificent Views of Beautiful Scotland
Your Pictures of Scotland from BBC News Online

Scottish Blog of the Week
A directory, actually - a list of blogs created by residents of Scotland. Scottish Blogs

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