30 August 2007

Thirteen Books I've Read (or Re-Read) This Year

A friend pointed me to this interesting article and AP Poll about the "amazing disappearing book" in America.

So what books have YOU read this year? I'm not talking about your TBR pile!

Here are a few of what I've read:

1. Red Haired Girl From The Bog by Patricia Monaghan

2. Crossing to Avalon by Jean Shinoda Bolen

3. Celtic Tree Mysteries by Stephen Blamires

4. Katie by Dominique Adair

5. Prayers to the Goddess by Galen Gillotte

6. Celtic Religions, a Project Gutenberg book

7. With Nine You Get Vanyr by Jean Marie Ward and Terri Smith

8. Scottish Girls About Town anthology

9. eBook novellas by Gia Dawn, Sela Carsen, J.C. Wilder, Isabo Kelly and Bronwyn Green

10. Celtic Inspirations by Lyn Webster Wilde

11. Firelord by Parke Godwin (re-read)

12. Mists of Avalon by M.Z. Bradley (re-read)

13. The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkein

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Anonymous said...

You definitely read different books than I do, since I have never heard of any of those. *grin*
I just finished Standing on the Promises by Douglas Wilson and reading the book of 1 Peter in the Bible.

Denise McDonald said...

I don't think I have read any of those--but they sound interesting!

Carolan Ivey said...

Thanks for stopping by, ladies!

Tilly Greene said...

Well, I promised my newphew that I'd read the entire Harry Potter series in time for the 7th books release...so in a little over a month, the cutie and I read all six books. And then, since her death, I've been rereading my favorite Kathleen E. Woodwiss books. There's also been a couple of non-fictions mixed in, one about Chang Kai;Shek's wife and another about stolen art. Mixed in through all this has been some ebook shorts from JJ Massa, Kacey Hammell, Stella and Audra Price, Cheyenne McCray, and many others my morning brain can't quite pick out.

Have to say it's been an interesting year in the reading department :-)

September starts the pop-up book season so I'm getting ready for a couple of fabulos new releases, including one on Pompeii!

Xakara said...

I need to reread Mists of Avalon myself here soon. I've got some things flowing through my mind I think it will help sort out.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me know I have a fellow mourner over SG1 and Firefly.



busy91 said...

#13 has been sitting on my shelf for over a year. I also bought "Children of Huron" and haven't read it yet. You think after 45 books this year I'd have gotten to it. LOL! Happy TT!

Morgan St. John said...

Can't say i've read any of those listed. I'm a hard-core Romantic Suspense/Thriller/comedy... LOL. Okay, so maybe I'm not so hard core. I love romance, though.

Thanks for sharing yourself with us!

Denise Patrick said...

I haven't read nearly as many books as you this year, but one that sticks out is The Price by Michelle Levigne.

Thanks for visiting my TT!

Chelle Y. said...

Wow, I have not read any of those. They sound interesting.


Buck Naked Politics said...

Impressive list of books!

Bronwyn Green said...

I LOVE Crossing to Avalon - one of my all time favorite books. I'm lucky enough to have a signed copy. My mom met her at a psych conference in Ireland a few years ago. Mists is one of my favorites too!!!

Red Haired Girl from the Bog is on my desk waiting for me. :)

btw, I've blatantly swiped this - check out my books. If you haven't read The Sidhe yet, I highly recommend it.


Mechele Armstrong said...

Great list. I loved Mists of Avalon. It's been a long time since I've read it.

Mechele aka Lany of Melany Logen

Journeywoman said...

No Harry Potter.

Love Mists of Avalon. I reread it often too.

Carolan Ivey said...

Well, I never said it was a complete list. LOL

I read HP, but I figured so did everyone and their uncle, so I left that one off. :)

Samantha Lucas said...

Oooh great list, great books!

I've been really slacking on my reading, I need to get back on it.

Lesley said...

I haven't kept up with how many books I've read this year, but I'd say ALOT. I just finished reading Dragonsong by Anne McCaffery.

Nicole Austin said...

Great list! I wish I had more reading time.

N.J.Walters said...

I'll admit that I'm an avid re-reader. There are certain books that are meant to be read again and again.

Diane Craver said...

Some books on your list I don't recognize but others I do and definitely want to read. I've read an assortment of mysteries, contemporary romances, historicals and chick-lit books.

And I'd forgotten you also live in Ohio!

Back to my writing - have a good day!