10 November 2007

It's Something Special...

...when you get comments like these from a colleague, especially an award-winning one like Ciar Cullen.

Even if I do feel compelled to go out an buy a pair of safety glasses. LOL Read on for her comments about WILDISH THINGS:

I love the title. I mean, really, what a good title. And a great cover--knew if was by Anne Cain--didn't even have to read the credit. So, I used to like Carolan Ivey, as well as someone likes a friendly colleague virtually, you know? Now I simply want to scratch her eyes out. There's only so much plot you're going to get moving in a novella, and this one is short. Of course, there's only so much plot you need, as well, to get the hero and heroine together, in bed, and in love. There was a really nice twist in this one. The Hag. The Cailleach, brought to us in small intervals, exposed bit by bit until we believe in her along with the protagonists. This is a difficult book for me to describe. The characters were great, although Kellan's bad-boyness was rescued just in the nick of time to make me love him. Beith is a great character.

The setting is lovely and magical. There are so few books about magical happenings that feel magical. That's it--this had the feel of a child's fairy tale, like a lushly illustrated child's book, except painted with words. And, of course, the hot steamy sex. I'm not sure how it was done, which is the beauty of Ms. Ivey's writing, of course. Made it look easy, and I know damn well it isn't. Her writing is smooth, flawless, like a sparkling stream, carrying a bit of your imagination along with it. The dialog sparkled with humor as well.

Whether you're Irish American (in which case this is a must read), or simply like fairy tales for adults, or like erotic romance...I'm having trouble figuring out who wouldn't like this book! I wish I had more to say about it, but perhaps it charmed me somehow.

--Ciar Cullen



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