24 November 2007

On the bright side...

On one hand, eating Thanksgiving dinner made me sick as a dog. (That's what happens when you're on Weightwatchers and you're used to small portions - overindulging hits you hard!)

On the other, it was at my brother-in-law's house, so I have no leftovers lurking in my fridge to tempt me into continued overeating!

I've also been graced with my first upper respiratory infection of the winter season. Lovely. Hopefully I'll be over it before I have to get on a plane next Saturday for (drum roll) our 25th anniversary trip to St. Thomas! Until then I won't be poking my head outside in order to eliminate the risk of picking up some OTHER bug. For me, colds = clogged ears, which also = acute pain on airplanes. So bad that last spring I stayed home from vacation by myself rather than get on a plane to New Mexico. :(

I hope you're having a nice holiday weekend. On one hand, I'm tucked in with blankets, fuzzy slippers and my anti-sniffles toddy of hot tea, lemon, honey and a splash of Uisge Beatha. [grin] On the other, um, what's the downside? Can't think of one... ;)


Bronwyn's Blog said...

Hey Doll - long time no talk. I'm so sorry you're sick. Don't forget a good vinegar steam to help clear out the head and chest and kill the bateria. I hope you feel better soon.

Carolan Ivey said...

Hey, Bronwyn!! Nice to hear from you sweetie! Thanks for the well wishes and the tip!