21 July 2008

My "Charming" Weekend Project

So I was at RT earlier this year, and noticed that my friend J.C. Wilder made a distinctive rattling noise whenever she set sail with her entourage of fans on their way to the bar. Which happened a lot.

Turns out it was an impressive charm bracelet, with a charm for each of her titles. And the girl has lots 'o those! I thought it looked like fun so I set off to look for the perfect charms.

I had no idea there were so many choices! I don't do well when presented with too many choices. But it was fun, like a treasure hunt! The ladies at my local bead shop got as excited as little kids when I came in and told them about my project. Soon they were all helping me poke through their selection, and giving me advice on how to put it together, selecting the right chain, etc.

The result is pictured here. The Civil War cavalry kepi was the hardest to find; I almost gave up, but finally found one at The Jeweler's Daughter. ArtBeads was the source for the lightning bolt and the "water" charm.

Clockwise, from top:

A book and miniature heart to anchor the end.

The "water" charm represents Abhainn's Kiss, where the heroine is a water-bonded faery.

The motorcycle represents Wildish Things, with it's Harley ridin' hero, Kel.

The kepi is for Beaudry's Ghost.

The lightning bolt is for the BG sequel, A Ghost of a Chance.

The cat is for Touch Not the Cat, part of the free Dunvegas anthology.

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vaerna said...

I need one of those.