18 July 2008

What Kind of Fairy Are You?

An irreverent little quiz created by Jody Wallace! (Fairy pic by Lisa Victoria. Check out her charming site!)

What Kind of Fairy Are You?
Your Result: Granola Fairy

You're the original tree-hugger! Your wings are made of leaves of many colors, and you can be found in areas of natural and preferably unspoiled beauty, but a nice garden will do in a pinch. You love trees, grass, flowers, animals, bugs, the sky, the sun, the moon, water and marshmallows (hey, every fairy has vices!), and your primary goal in life is to save the Earth since it's the only one we've got. You often place curses on polluters and litterbugs.

Invisible Fairy
Airy Fairy
Homestyle Fairy
Party Fairy
Gadget Fairy
Darkling Fairy
Cranky Fairy
What Kind of Fairy Are You?
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Writer & Cat said...

Why am I not surprised Cranky Fairy was at the bottom of your list of possibilities? :) You should try making a quiz sometime...they're fun!


Carolan Ivey said...

Ask me again later this month..."Cranky" may have moved up several slots by then! :)