13 September 2007

Thirteen Lines From Beaudry's Ghost

Thirteen lines from my upcoming paranormal romance novel, BEAUDRY'S GHOST. Enjoy!

1. “And they say the ghost of Union soldier Jared Beaudry rides the coast of the Outer Banks to this very day, looking for his lost arm, leg, and head.”


2. “I’ve heard that it helps if you have full cooperation. But, failing that, it can be done. But I wouldn’t recommend it.”


3. “Whoever got you in the shape you’re in, I hope she was worth it, Billy.”


4. “So,” she said companionably as she worked. “This is your first re-enactment?”

A long pause. “Not… exactly.”


5. “If that was a love tap, Leon, remind me to stay out of your way when you get really pissed off."


6. If this woman was a key to regaining his honor, God help him, it was one key he was going to turn.


7. “Ye’re just beggin’ fer a firin’ squad, ain’t you boy?” he growled. “Ain’t nobody in my platoon as troublesome as you.”


8. “If you hurt one hair on any of these men’s heads, Harris can watch while I take you apart myself.”


9. “Damn. You’re lucky he didn’t slice your head off.”

“I doubt he’d do that. It’s his head."


10. “What?”

“Nothing. Just don’t look down”


11. She sniffed delicately. “Even if the water does pass right through, anything is bound to be an improvement.”


12. "I’m willing to bet this is a first for any of you people."


13. "Oh, lord, Miss Taylor, don’t look at me like that."

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Damozel (Buck Naked Politics) said...

good lines! Sounds like a really interesting novel! I like the "first time" one....

Lara Angelina said...

Great lines and a good way to introduce us to your writing!! I love #10!! Good luck with your book -- it sounds wonderful!

Denise Patrick said...

Great lines - and a great idea for a TT. I may just have to steal it in November.

Happy TT!

Xakara said...

I'm so stealing this idea in January! :)

Great list. Can't wait until the release.


Carolan Ivey said...

Hey, steal away. I stole it from someone else. LOL

This is a fairly long book, so I'll probably do this again before its release.

Sniz said...

I'm a romance writer who edits paranormal romance. Your book sound interesting!! I may borrow this idea for a future TT!

WAHM said...

Great post!!
my 13 is up on