19 March 2007

Irish jigging like mad...

I'm pleased to announce I've made another sale to SamhainPublishing.com!

My next release will be a novella called WILDISH THINGS, a sexy contemporary steeped in Celtic mythology. Ebook release date will be sometime this summer. The story will be part of a Samhain's annual Celtic anthology, called "Love & Lore", to be released in paperback late in 2007 or early 2008. My partners in mayhem on this project are Sela Carsen and Gia Dawn!

Here's a wee blurby thing for WILDISH THINGS:

Beith Molloy, a famed wildlife artist, is traveling to Ireland to put her career back on track after spending a year recovering from a badly shattered leg, suffered in a freak accident with a motorcycle. But when she lands in Dublin, she discovers that her friend and traveling companion, Kemberlee, suddenly got ill and didn’t meet her as planned. Kemberlee didn’t leave her stranded, though, and called on an old friend to send Beith a tour guide.

Although uncertain about being alone in a strange country with a bad leg, one look at the hunky, auburn-haired, green-eyed Kellan O’Neill, and she changes her mind. Even when she finds out that he intends to ride her around Ireland on a motorcycle, she quashes her fear and hops on. And quickly discovers Kel is possessed of more than a little of the daredevil. All she can do is close her eyes and hang on for dear life.

Kel congratulates himself for pulling off the caper of a lifetime, right under his big brother Declan’s nose. One look at Beith’s photograph (which Declan attempted to hide from him, knowing his little brother’s impulsive ways), and he’s determined to have a fine summer fling with her. Before Beith’s real escort meets her at the airport, Kel slips in and spirits her away.

Little do they know, the Cailleach has plans for both of them. The Cailleach – the restless and lustful Hag – the most ancient goddess of Ireland, lies in wait in the Burren. She knows what Beith and Kel are both wildish things, destined for each other. But first they must both overcome their demons.

And the Hag knows just how to make that happen.


I'm doing revisions now and giggling like a madwoman. This is a fun one, folks! I look forward to sharing it with you!

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Sela Carsen said...

This is going to be a blast! Love the excerpt, Carolan!