04 March 2007

Scottish Poetry Corner

On cold, snowy days like these, snuggling up under a blanket with my dachshunds is even better when I run across an equally comforting Scottish poem. This one fairly drips with sentimentality, but hey, I'm in that kind of mood. :)

~ ~ ~

The Roof of Straw

I ask no lordling's titled name,
Nor miser's hoarded store;
I ask to live with those I love,
Contented though I 'm poor.
From joyless pomp and heartless mirth
I gladly will withdraw,
And hide me in this lowly vale,
Beneath my roof of straw.

To hear my Nancy's lips pronounce
A husband's cherish'd name,
To press my children to my heart
Are titles, wealth and fame.
Let kings and conquerors delight
To hold the world in awe,
Be mine to find content and peace
Beneath my roof of straw.

When round the winters' warm fireside
We meet with social joy,
The glance of love to every heart
Shall speak from every eye.
More lovely far such scenes of bliss
Than monarch ever saw,
Even angels might delight to dwell
Beneath my roof of straw.
--Rev. Henry Duncan (1774-1846)

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