07 March 2007

What I'm Reading

I love it when I finish a manuscript! I get my brain all to myself for a little while - until the next story and characters take it over again.

During these rare, brief respites, I go on novel-buying sprees. Here's what's fresh in my TBR pile:

DANGEROUS TEMPTATION, Kathleen Korbel (Silhouette Nocturne)
MY WICKED HIGHLANDER, Jen Holling (Pocket)
OVER THE MOON, anthology, Angela Knight, MaryJanice Davidson, Virginia Kantra, et al) (Berkeley)

I've been a fan of Kathleen Korbel since forever... her amazing WALK ON THE WILD SIDE is still on my keeper shelf, and inspired me to write my first novel, BEAUDRY'S GHOST. The genres were completely different, but WILD SIDE takes place over just a few days, and so does BEAUDRY. She showed me it was possible to develop a compelling romance in a very compressed time frame. :) All you need are the right characters!

Jen's book is draped in Scottish plaid, so what's not to like? CATCH THE MOON contains two other favorite writers, Angela Knight and Virgina Kantra. Plus I like those quickie anthologies.

The thing I noticed that all these books have in common, is a paranormal element. Ghosts, witches, werewolves, oh my!

With my own Celtic and Southern heritage, ghost stories, legends and myths have always been a natural part of my life. So it's only natural that I'm drawn to these kinds of stories, and write them myself.

I have a pot of chicken/sausage/veggie soup simmering on the stove right now, and it smells sooooo good! Time for me to go pop some rolls in the oven to go with it. There's something about bubbling soup on a cold snowy day that makes everything right with the world.


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