23 March 2007

Thursday 13 - A Day Late!

Thirteen Favorite Wine Bottle Labels

On any given day you'll find me in the wine aisle. Not buying (not this week, anyway - stocked up last week, thanks) but snickering at the funny names winemakers come up with the catch your attention. Here are just a few off the top of my head that I've seen recently:

1. Smoking Loon
2. Funky Llama (now I ASK you, would you drink a wine that's smelly llama flavored?)
3. Fat Bastard
4. Marilyn Merlot's Naked Grape (That one's for you, J.C.!)
5. Scraping the Barrell
6. Cardinal Zin
7. 3 Blind Moose
8. 7 Deadly Zins
9. Leapfrogmilch
10. Cat's Pee on a Gooseberry Bush
11. Barking Owl
12. Road Kill Red
13. Bitch

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Jennie Andrus/Piper Evyns said...

Oh my God! Seriously? I really need a bottle of 3 Blind Moose! What wine region is it from? That would be a moose thing I don't have in my house. I'll have to print your list and go to the LCBO.

My favorite label (non-funny) is the old style Amity Pinot Noir. It had a quilt block on it...plus the wine is verra yummy!

Carolan Ivey said...

And those aren't the worst ones! LOL

3 Blind Moose is actually quite good - I've had their chardonnay. I think it's from California and you can find it in a lot of grocery stores that have decent wine sections. :)