19 April 2007

Thirteen Clues You Might Be An RT Veteran

  1. You have one suitcase for promo, one suitcase for costumes, and no room for regular clothes.

  2. Your carry-on bag is stuffed with healthy snacks, because from past experience you know after three days of all-chocolate-all-the-time, you'll be desperate for a piece of fresh fruit.

  3. You're sweating bullets waiting for your Vistaprint order to arrive in time, because you realized at the last possible minute you're out of business cards.

  4. Bookthongs seemed like such a cute idea at the time, but after making 500 of them you're pretty much over it.

  5. You cause a scene in the grocery store when you find post-Easter bags of Hershey Kisses on sale for a dollar a bag.

  6. You burn calories by working up a sweat trying on every piece of clothing you own, praying something other than your bathrobe will fit.

  7. Your life is divided into two parts: Before RT, and after RT. ("I have this great idea, but let's wait until after RT to talk about it because my brain is fried.")

  8. For every item you check off on your RT to-do list, two more items mysteriously appear.

  9. No matter how well and how far in advance you plan, the last three days before departure are Hell. Pure and simple.

  10. The color cartridge on your printer will run out of blue ink at precisely the moment you need it most. You will not have a spare handy, and it will be 5 minutes after OfficeMax closes.

  11. The OfficeMax staff knows you by your first name. They don't bat an eye when you show up in your ratty sweats and house slippers and ask them to print out a copy of your book cover in poster-size. You know, the one with the nekkid man-butt on the cover.

  12. You step up your facial exercises so your cheeks won't hurt so much from wearing your best "Yes, I know I write dark and bloody paranormal romance, but I'm really a nice person and I won't bite" smile for 12 hours straight.

  13. You have just a few square inches of space left in your suitcase. You must decide between packing toothpaste, or your rum flask. You choose the rum.

Add yours below!! :D

(Photo of me and Rosemary Laurey after a long day in St. Louis. In the bar, of course.)


Amanda Young said...

Love the list Carolan. Can't wait until I get to attend next years RT. *g*

Chris Roberts said...

13. You pack a heavy duty canvas bag for your books you want signed by the authors at the booksigning.

14. You pack a seperate bag for all the signed books you are buying at the booksigning.

15. In the bag for the books you are buying is a personal battery operated fan because it is hot standing in line waiting on your turn with your favorite author.

Kate Davies said...

Waaaa! I wanna go!


Great list, Carolan. Have a fantabulous time!

And my TT is up. :)


Amelia Elias said...

Awesome list, Carolan! I've never been to RT, but it sounds like my RWA experiences packing- and planning-wise. Hope you have a great time!

Mine's up: http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=151698480&blogID=255201938&MyToken=d81f074c-4871-4e29-82f2-bf064b85185b

Cynthia Eden said...

I love this list! I'll be attending the RT Convention for the first time next week--and I've got to say, your listing has made me very, very excited (and a little afraid!).

Carolan Ivey said...

Cool, Cynthia! You've seen my picture in this post, so look for me in the bar! [grin]

Janet/Cricket said...

(Adding to the list)
You step off the plane and realize that only one of the two bags you checked has arrived. You are relieved because while the bag that is lost has your clothes and toothbrush at least you have your promo items!

Carolan Ivey said...

LOL! Amen, Janet. Toothbrushes and clothes are replacable!

Samantha Lucas said...

LOL. I've never been and it looks like another year before I'll get to go :(

Loved your list though. Have tons of fun!

Carolan Ivey said...

I think the Pittsburgh conference will be a biggie, because it seems like so many authors live in the Midwest. :) Get your registration in early!

Carolan Ivey said...
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Nicole Austin said...

Great list! I'm not able to attend this year, darn it. Can't wait for RT '08. ;)

Jennah said...

OMG, too funny. I'm dying to go now. Maybe next year :)

Marie-Nicole Ryan said...

What a hoot! And yes, it's all true.

Clover said...

Hilarious! You should print that up and attach it to your signing table. Esp. liked #11. Wah, I wanna go. Next year . . .