09 June 2007

Get better soon, SJ!

Author of the following is JM Ward. Our mutual friend SJ Willing is ill in the hospital - just a few days after his book came out! So all his friends are getting together to pimp his book for him.

Feel better soon, SJ!!

Just a few days after S.J. Willing's first novel, CYBERIUS III, was published in December 2005, SJ landed in the hospital. Fast forward 18 months, SJ's new novel, POSEIDON VII, has been released by Samhain with a beautiful cover by Vanessa Hawthorne, and guess what... *sigh* SJ's back in the hospital.

Fortunately, it's a lot less serious than it was last time. Unfortunately, SJ will probably remain in captivity--er, a patient at INOVA Alexandria Hospital, for at least a week. Which makes it kind of hard to push out the book video and excerpts.

Or it would, but I figure there's no reason why somebody else can't do the honors on SJ's behalf. Click the Read More link below:

First, for your viewing pleasure, is a link to POSEIDON VII's very first video (drumroll, please):

Click here

Second is a link to the book and cover itself:

Click here

The blurb is actually too modest. This SF romance scorches the pixels. I know first hand. I was one of SJ's beta readers on this, and I had to keep fanning my screen...and a few other things besides. ;-)

The G-rated, action-enriched excerpt can be found here, but I'll see if I can find something sizzling to whet your appetite. Until later.

Jean Marie

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