02 June 2007

Gia Dawn, This One's For You, Darlin'

Because I promised Gia Dawn I'd dig out this adorable photo for her:


Gia Dawn said...

Sigh, since my other comment never showed up...arghhhhh
I just wanted to thank Carolan for putting a special picture up just for me.
So here's a joke.

The gir walks up top the Scotsman in the bar and says "What do ya have there under your kilt?"

The Scotsman replied, "Put yer hand there, lassie, and find out."

She did, and quickly withdrew her hand. "Ewww, that's gruesome," she remarked.

The Scotsman gave her a wicked wink. "Aye lass, and if ye'll put yer hand there again, ye'll find it grew some more."
;) Gia

Carolan Ivey said...

Bwaaahahahaaa!! Thanks, Gia!