08 May 2008

I'm "it!"

I've been tagged by Isabo Kelly to share six quirky things about myself.

So it's all HER fault you're shortly going to be looking for a sharp implement to gouge your own eyes out. Yeah.

1. I set off airport alarms. It's the spare parts, ya know... The annoying thing is that I never get the hunky young male patter-downers. Nooo, I get Helga the Ham-Handed.

2. I could literally eat an entire large bag of Sun Chips in one sitting. What do they put in these things, crack?

3. I have a phobia of calling people on the phone. I have no idea why.

4. Most dangerous things I've ever done... rapelling in Big Bend National Park, laying on my belly at the top of the Cliffs of Mor to look at the ocean several hundred feet below (my husband says he saw me from half a mile away and his heart almost stopped), and swimming in a tank of sharks.

5. I'm a rabid fan of Deadliest Catch. There's just something primal about men who still risk life and limb every day to make their living.

6. I have five big chunks of granite in my flower beds that, when I move, move with me. They're pieces of North Carolina, and they're a tangible piece of home.

Hmmm, whom to tag...

Jean Marie Ward and SJ Willing. [evil grin]

1 comment:

N.J.Walters said...

Sun Chips---Cheddar--I love those things!

I have chunks of rocks all over my apartment, so I completely understand. :-)