15 May 2008

Thirteen More Lesser Known Celtic Deities

Addendum to this post. The well of fascinating Celtic subjects never runs dry! Enjoy!

  1. Achtland - A queen whom no mortal man could satisfy. She solved the problem by taking a giant from the faery realm as her mate. Legend says that she took great pleasure combing his long, fair hair. Heh. Yeah. His hair. Riiiiight...

  2. Belisama - Goddess of light and fire, the forge, and crafts. Wife of Belenus and goddess of the Mersey River.

  3. Condatis - God of the waters. His sacred sites are wherever two rivers, creeks, or other waters meet. Like a door threshhold, these places are "in between" places that the Celts believe hold great power.

  4. Dia Greine - A Scottish daughter of the sun, or possibly a sun Goddess herself. Tales recount how she was a captive in the Land of Women (a.k.a the Otherworld), and escaped with the help of the Cailleach who turned her into a fox.

  5. Epos Olloatir - A horse God, either the male form of the Goddess Epona, or her consort.

  6. Henwen (Hen-oon) - An English goddess much like the Welsh Goddess Cerridwen. She brought abundance to the land by "giving birth" to gifts in various spots, such as bees, grain, animals, etc. But she didn't distribute animals like dogs, pigs, horses or other animals that "belonged" to other deities.

  7. Le Fay - Sea Goddess, and Goddess of Avalon. Drinking water she had blessed brought about healing.

  8. Myrddin Wyllt - A God of the forests who could grow feathers and leap from tree to tree. Often associated with the Irish Suibhne.

  9. Urien - A minor English God who married to Modron and fathered Owain and Mabon. As his wife killed him in a murderous rage (My guess? He came home after she'd had a hard day with the boys, and said the Wrong Thing...), he is associated with Samhain.

  10. Tannus (a.k.a Taranis) - Gaulish thunder god. Offerings were made to him so he'd influence the weather.

  11. Rosmerta - Gaulish goddess who was adopted into the Roman pantheon and given a husband - Mercury. She is often thought to be a goddess of hot springs, plenty, and fertility.

  12. Nantosuelta - Gaulish goddess of streams, often thought to be a fertility and prosperity goddess; aso associated with the concept of rebirth.

  13. Mala Liath - Could have been an alternate name for the Scottish Cailleach. She is said to have tended a herd of pigs that were sired by the wild boar of Glen Glass.

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pussreboots said...

I'm going to book mark your list for future reference. Happy TT.

Ivanhoe said...

Wow - that is a lot of history that I did not know anything about. Thanks for the lesson and have a great TT!

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Very interesting subject! I knew only a few of those.
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Great list! Very informative. :-D

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Ooooh, I love reading about things like this. Thanks for a great history lesson. I'll have to check back for more.

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Very interesting I love learning new things especially in mythology.
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I've never heard of any of these deities. Very interesting. Thanks.

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