24 July 2007

A Little Out of Character, But...

Note: Now that I've calmed down, the following post has been edited.

I try to keep things light and upbeat here in my little corner of the blogworld. But at the moment I'm a wee bit annoyed, which could bloom into full-on aggravation if I have to abandon my long-time email address.

If you're getting emails that look like they're from me concerning a book cataloging site called Shelfari.com, rest assured they are NOT COMING FROM ME. Shelfari has a poorly designed sign-up process and through either a glitch in their system or something I did or didn't click, I unwittingly gave them full access to my address book.

OK, my bad, I wasn't paying close enough attention. HOWEVER, what I don't like is that they make it look like the invites and follow-ups are coming directly from me, not from them.

Hey, use and abuse my address book, but don't put words in my mouth, that's all I ask.

To Shelfari's credit, their customer service has responded promptly to my requests to delete my account and stop the follow-up emails. As you can see from the comment below, they've never lost their cool even though, I admit, I have.

So if you're so inclined, check out Shelfari.com - just be careful if you decide to sign up for this or, for that matter, any other site. Just don't give out your email address and password unless you know exactly what a site is going to do with it. I got lazy, and I got burned.


Josh said...

I understand your frustration and am sorry for your bad experience with Shelfari.

Shelfari makes it very convenient to invite your friends via email. This is an optional step and in no way is it required. If you send it to the wrong set of people on accident we can block the single follow-up we send if you send us a message including your email address and instructions to stop follow-up emails. (http://www.shelfari.com/feedback.aspx) We only send invitations to the email addresses which are selected. No other contacts are sent email too.

Please send us any suggestions to improve this process. The whole point of Shelfari is to share your books with your friends. For this reason we have made this process easy. We love our users feedback on this process and want are also do want our product to be clearly understood.

I know it is not in the romance genre, but check out our harry potter contest. We are giving away a signed first edition of the first Harry Potter book.

Again, I am super sorry for the inconvenience, and hope you can check out Shelfari. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

Happy Reading,

CEO Shelfari

Norabear said...

Shelfari is the suck. Use LibraryThing instead.

No advertising. Easy on the eyes. Better navigation. More features.