13 July 2007

Vacation picture!

Hey, we're back from vacation! I've got one picture posted over on the Beyond the Veil, one of what I think is a spirit orb in the Seattle Underground. :)

Here's another one I took on one of our many walks in the mountains:

It shows foamflower, oxalis, maidenhair fern, and the maple-like leaves I believe are a young oregon grape plant.

Refresh the page, you'll get a different video every time. Hee! Enjoy!


Samantha Lucas said...

This is the second blog I've seen today with great nature pics. It sooo makes me want to grab my camera and head outside.

Too bad oldest broke camera. :( lol

Carolan Ivey said...

Aw! That's frustrating. :(

I've put up some more pics on my web site, www.carolanivey.com. :) Click on Fun Stuff, then Photo Gallery. Enjoy!