28 July 2007

Sorry 'bout that!

My blog template was temporarily hosed, but it looks like it's back to normal. Well, mostly. The Read More coding is still messed up, and I can't figure out why the "In the Gloaming" cover won't display correctly on the sidebar. But I'll have to fiddle with it later, as I'm leaving in a few minutes for a class reunion.

Anyway, "In The Gloaming" is now available for pre-order on Amazon! Woo hoo! This book contains the print version of my novella Abhainn's kiss, The Heron's Call by Isabo Kelly, and Thief of Hearts by J.C. Wilder.

I'm blogging today over on Beyond the Veil, continuing my series about the Celtic Ogham divination. Enjoy!

Micheal McClanathan from The Bagpiper.

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