18 July 2007

Thirteen Vacation Pictures!

Time for the obligatory slide show!

These are a few photos from our recent trip to the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy!

Cabin we stayed in at Mounthaven near Mt. Rainier

Nisqually River gorge, Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier

Unicorn Peak, Mt. Rainier National Park

Mt. St. Helens

Ruby Beach, Olympic peninsula

Rialto Beach, Olympic peninsula

Rialto Beach, Olympic Peninsula

Hoh Rainforest, Olympic National Park

Hoh Rainforest, Olympic National Park

Elk, Hoh River, Olympic National Park

Mountain Goat, Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park

Waterfall, Olympic National Park

(I didn't take this one!)


sasha said...

Lovely photos! I wish I can go to that lovely place someday :)

Happy TT!

Mallory said...

Just gorgeous! You are a fine photographer. I live in Oregon and grew up in Washington, so it is easy to take this beautiful place for granted. Thanks for reminding me how lucky I am!

Carolan Ivey said...

It's easy to take good photos there. I have a crappy HP camera but once in a while, through no skill of my own, I get a decent shot. :) You should see my husband's pics - he has a Nikon! He takes high-res photos, though, too big to upload here.

Robin said...

Those are just gorgeous! We were also in the Pacific NW recently. My June archives are full of pictures from Seattle, Victoria and Vancouver. It's such a special corner of the world.

We didn't make it to the Hoh this time, but I was there about 8 years ago and really loved it.

Carolan Ivey said...

Hi Robin!

I could have posted dozens of pictures of the Hoh rainforest - I really felt like I was walking through Fangorn Forest and Treebeard was going to appear at any moment. :) It's a very magical place.

Angela Giles Klocke said...

Wow, gorgeous shots!

Samantha Lucas said...

OMG Carolan, those are stunning!!!!!

Carol said...

Thanks! Like I said, I'm no great photographer. I point and shoot, but I do try to look for unique angles. Once in a while I get a good one. :)

Sela Carsen said...

I love the Pacific Northwest -- it's so beautiful!! Thanks for the wonderful pictures, Carolan!

Tink said...

Wow! I disagree, you are a great photographer! I looooove the pics, I wish I could go there... I see what you mean about Treebeard appearing... WOW!