16 September 2007

Divination Sunday - Comment and you may win a FREE reading!

My monthly Ogham Divination post is over here on the BTV blog! Enjoy!

Ended up not going to the Irish festival last night - it got really cold, down in the 30s, and we decided it wasn't a good idea for me to be sitting around in the cold with my back as bad as it is right now. :(

Don't worry, we had some fun, though! We went to a movie ("Kingdom", which was very good) and stopped off to pick up a six back of Smithwicks which we enjoyed at home while watching "Men In Black II." :)

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tea_please said...

C! I'm so sorry your back is troubling you. It's your job to trouble others, after all!

Speaking of ogham, I cleaned off my tarot shelf and some other stuff and boy...I've been ignoring it too long!