26 September 2007

Thursday 13 - A Crystal Kit Primer

Thursday 13 – A Crystal Kit Primer

Thirteen tips for putting together your own basic crystal healing kit. First, a list of assorted stones and the chakras associated with their colors. You don't have to run out and get all of these! One or two from each catetory is fine.


1. Black – Root/Earth Star Chakra – Grounding, protection, releasing fears/limitations. Stones: Obsidian (Apache Tears), hematite, black tourmaline.

2. Red – Root Chakra – Courage, personal power, manifesting ideas. Stones:
Bloodstone, aragonite, garnet, petrified wood.

3. Orange – Sacral Chakra – Sex drive, physical energy, creativity, motivation, compassion, mental concentration. Stones: orange calcite, orange, aventurine, carnelian.

4. Yellow – Solar Plexus Chakra – Self discipline, will, abundance, imagination, optimism, weight control. Stones: Citrine, topaz. yellow jasper, yellow calcite, yellow aventurine, tiger eye, amber.

5. Green and/or Pink – Heart Chakra – Unconditional love, sensitivity, harmony, balance. Stones: Aventurine, malachite, jade, serpentine, moss agate, peridot, ruby, rose quartz.

6. Blue – Throat Chakra – Communication, verbalization of feelings, public speaking, release from old vows. Stones: Sodalite, lapis lazuli, turquoise, blue lace agate.

7. Violet – Third Eye Chakra – Vision, psychic gifts, wisdom, insight, intuition, universal consciousness. Stones: Amethyst, purple fluorite.

8. Clear/White – Crown Chakra – Higher consciousness, connection to spiritual energy. vision into psychic worlds. Stones: Clear quartz, clear agate, milky quartz, howlite.

Additional useful stones:

9. Flourite – Comes in clear, purple, green white, or combination of all these colors. Protects you from the negative energy generated by computers. Keep a chunk between you and your monitor, or wear a crystal around your neck.

10. Kyanite – Extremely effective for clearing/cleansing other stones. It doesn’t hold negative energy and never needs clearing, itself. The same is true for citrine, and it’s much cheaper!

12. Shapes are myriad, but here are four basic ones you’ll see a lot of:
Points – Single terminated or double terminated. Point a single-terminated crystal away from you to pull energy out of the body, and toward you to direct energy in. Double terminated: Place on third eye to enhance telepathy.
Spheres – Scrying, of course!
Tumbled stones – Usually small and easily portable in a pocket, purse, or medicine bag.
Clusters – Radiate energy to the surrounding environment. Good for clearing a room of negative “crud”.

13. Clearing/charging:
The simplest and easiest way to clear a crystal of negative energy is to rinse thoroughly under cold running water. You can also use salt water, or bury stones overnight in salt. Don’t leave colored quartzes like citrine, amethyst, etc. in the sun – the colors will fade. Moonlight is fine, though.

WARNING: You may have heard of making “stone elixirs” with different crystals, and ingesting the liquid. DON’T try this unless you know exactly what kind of stone you’re dealing with – many stones get their colors from toxic heavy metals.

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall
Abundance Through Reiki by Paula Horan

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WFM said...

Hmmmph, that was interesting. I remember some of this from science class (in 5th grade)!

Nicholas said...

That was interesting, but do people take it seriously?

ONwebCHECK said...

A happy TT to you!

Samantha Lucas said...

OMG I love this post!

Absolutely fascinating, thanks for sharing, Carolan. :)

m.o.M. said...

Thanks for the lesson! I'll have to share this with my daughter!

Xakara said...

Glad I found your post before heading out for the evening. I should slip some of my quartz and florite into a pocket before I go. Perhaps some lapis too.

Happy TT, Carolan. :)