28 April 2008


Okay, kids, my web site hosting service has fixed my updating problem, so it's time to get this contest under way!

I have three main prizes:

1. Tote Bag o' RT Goodies
A snazzy purple-and-black RT 2008 logo tote back filled with bookmarks, cover flats, pens, buttons, and other goodies.

How to win it: Simply sign up for my email list (don't worry, it's not a discussion list and I won't spam you with frivolous announcements!). All I ask is that you set your account to "Special Notices", not "No Mail." I'll draw a winner from this list.

2. Big Honkin' Box o' Free Books
A box full of free books - mass market and trade paperbacks, one hardcover, a pot pourri of genres - historical, fantasy, urban fantasy, erotic, contemporary, etc.

How to win: See above about signing up for my email list. :)

3. Samhain Logo Lap Blanket and Coffee Mug
Here's the limited-edition prize you're going to have to work for! :)

How to win:
Go to the Books page of my web site. Click to read the excerpts and answer the following questions, then email me the answers:

1. In Beaudry's Ghost, the heroine has an injury. Which shoulder is injured?

2. In Abhainn's Kiss, what element does Abhainn shapeshift into? ("element" meaning air, fire, water or earth)

3. In Wildish Things, what's Kellan O'Neill's ride? (Be specific, right down to the color!)

4. Finally, there's a mouse hiding somewhere on my web site! Find the mouse, then copy and paste the correct URL into your email along with the answers to the questions. Here's what the mouse looks like:

(Mouse courtesy Aon-Celtic.)

Hint: Mice live in holes. [grin]

5. This contest is open to everyone, though I'd really appreciate it if you'd sign up for my email list. (Sense a theme, here? LOL)

I will draw a winner from those who send in correct answers.

Deadline to enter: May 10, 2008


  • Must be 18 or older to enter.
  • Sorry, packages can be mailed to U.S. addresses only! If I draw your name and you don't live in the U.S., you aren't out in the cold, however. I'll send you a Samhain Publishing download of your choice (doesn't have to be one of my books!).
  • Winners have 2 business days to respond to notification of their prize. After 2 days I will draw a new name.
  • One entry per household, please.

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