25 April 2008

RT Photos and a CONTEST!!

I've posted my RT 2008 pictures over on my web site. Click here!

And don't forget to sign up for my newsletter in order to be eligible to win some RT goodies!

Here's just some of the goodies in the collection for my RT giveaway! Yes, hanging from the tote bag is the infamous screaming purple tiara that got me so much attention at the ebook fair. :)

And yes, your eyes do not deceive you! The two "special prizes" that you'll have to jump through a hoop or two for are a big, gorgeous coffee mug courtesy of moi, JC Wilder, Gia Dawn, Lauren Dane and Isabo Kelly. And a cozy, comfy, embroidered lap blanket courtesy of Samhain Publishing. Stay tuned for what the "hoops" will be to get a chance to win one of these!


Lesley said...

Lord, I hope my pregnant body will fit through whatever hoops you've devised. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie! I bet you had an awesome time at RT I really wanted to go but...maybe next year :)
I just signed up for your newletter ;)
Hugs, Crystal

Carolan Ivey said...

LOL Lesley...don't worry, it'll be relatively painless. :)

Hi Crystal! Thanks for signing up. I'll get the particulars posted as soon as my web hosting service fixes the glitch that's preventing me from updating my site. *sigh*