17 April 2008

RT Day 2: In Which the Jr. Suite Gals...

...wreak havoc in the panels.

This year I was asked to step in and moderate a panel when the very lovely Eden Robins couldn't attend RT at the last minute. When I stepped into my panel, the "Psychics: Fact or Fiction?" panel, I had to force myself not to drop instantly into my "I'm not worthy!" genuflection. There right beside me were Marilyn Campbell, Jade Lee, Gail DeYoung and Hollie Van Horn. I wished I were sitting in the audience taking notes rather than moderating the questions!

But I managed to get through it with proper (cough) decorum, and without hyperventilating.

Then of course I had to drop in on J.C.'s panel just to see what kind of havoc she was wreaking. She didn't disappoint. :)

Couldn't seem to stay out of Club RT! It's a hoppin' spot and of course my favorite vendor is there, Frozen Light jewelry. I simply plan on giving them a big chunk of my discretionary spending money whenever I'm at RT.

The best part - a reader seeking me out to tell me she'd loved Wildish Things. :)

I got to sit with Melissa Lopez at the Samhain table for a delightful half hour, in which Lynne Connolly let us play with her adorable little mini-laptop.

We also met a wonderful therapy dog named Peggi, who was clearly enjoying all the attention she attracted wherever she went.

The one panel I managed to get to was "Book in Three Minutes with Joy Nash, Donna Birdsell and Emily Bryan. I highly recommend this panel to get your creative juices flowing. There is no plot knot these ladies can't pluck loose. Luckily for Joy, I had to leave right at the end of the panel before I had a chance to go slobbery fangirl all over her.

Gia Dawn and I bonded over a couple of cold ones in the bar and completely lost track of time. I swear, I fall in love with this amazing writer and wonderful woman every time I see her. We're always finding something else we have in common, from our inner insecurities to our wonderful families.

Once again just missed snagging Will Belegon at the Faery Ball. I saw him swash by in all his piratey glory, but it was too noisy in there for him to hear me wailing in despair as he was swallowed up by a flock of faery winged partyers.

The costumes were, as always, spectacular. However Bianca D'Arc and I were witness to at least one wardrobe malfunction that will give us nightmares for weeks to come. :) Suffice to say that if one is going to wear a skin-tight mermaid dress with no straps, a little bit more than prayer is needed too keep that baby from "heading south."

They're called STRAPLESS BRAS. Learn to love them, people. 'Nuff said.

Let's not talk about the woman who didn't get the memo that this was not a Victoria's Secret runway show. Ahem. Poor Scott Carpenter got an eyefull he sure didn't need. (LOVED your costume, Scott! Next year - tights!)

(Note to the FAR ladies - THANK YOU for letting me sit at your table!!)

I'm now supposed to be taking a brief nap before heading down to Christine Feehan's Texas Holdem tournament, but I'm afraid if I close my eyes that'll be it and I'll be out till morning. Tomorrow promises to be a much more laid-back day. And I owe Gia a couple cold ones.

Back into the fray tomorrow!

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