24 April 2008

Thirteen Things You Can't Live Without at RT

1. No fear of crowds. If you're claustrophobic, get in shape for using the stairs because the elevators will be packed!

2. Items to make your room as much of a peaceful sanctuary as possible: Music, candles, ear plugs, aromatherapy eye mask, your favorite comfort tea or coffee, your own pillow, bunny slippers, etc.

3. Food - Bring your own, because you can never depend on finding decent food at the hotel. Or, even if they do have a good restaurant or two on premises, you may not get a table. (Corollary - the hotel will probably be out of fridges. Bring a cooler or purchase a small fridge to haul with you. You'll be glad you did after a long day when you'd kill for an ice cold glass of something.)

4. Comfy shoes. Forget fashion - save your feet!

5. A good attitude. Be careful about bitching (even good-natured bantering) to random people - you may not recognize until it's too late to whom you're talking. ("Can you believe the terrible food at that luncheon? Oh, um, you're the author who sponsored it? Urk...")

6. Caffeine!

7. No qualms about talking to complete strangers. I meet the nicest people just standing around in lines!

8. A rolling suitcase for the free books. Or, if you're lucky, a hunky husband/s.o./con slave to trail in your wake, carrying everything for you.

9. A sense of humor. Pretend you're in boot camp with 1,500 of your closest friends. Stuff IS going to happen - roll with it with a smile.

10. A shawl. One room may be boiling, but the next one will be arctic, guaranteed.

11. A big supply of business cards, and an ample pocket in your bag to slip the ones handed to you. (And a pen to jot notes on the backs, or you'll never remember why you talked to this person!)

12. Camera. Don't be shy about snapping away with the shutter. Most authors will be pleasantly suprised you want their picture. :)

13. Water and more water!

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Denise Patrick said...

Although I understand RT is worse than RWA, the same thing goes for them. The last time I went, I just used one of the trash cans in my room - filled it with ice from the machine daily and kept my drinks in there. They were always cold when I needed one.

Happy TT!

Jenny said...

#1 reminds me of monk. :D