20 April 2008

RT Day 4: In Which Carolan Spews (But Does Not Pee Her Pants)

Yes, you read the date and timestamp right - it is 2 a.m. Sunday morning and I'm just staggering in from the bar! Staggering because I'm exhausted, not because I was imbibing. Truly, if I never see another mojito again it will be too soon.

The Book Fair was a roaring success - so roaring, we blew a fuse, plunging the entire ballroom into darkness just 10 minutes before closing time. Which means the cash registers shut down, too! After the requisite collective gasp of surprise, in the blackness I saw dozens of cell phones being flipped open. A cell phone as a substitute for a flashlight? That's a new one on me! A few of us started singing "Kum Ba Yah". I found my mini flashlight and held it in my teeth while I finished signing my leftover books. :)

I'm pleased to report I sold more books this year than in all my other RT bookfairs combined! Even some that didn't buy came up to me, pointed at the Love & Lore cover, and took the time to tell me how much they liked "Wildish Things"!

I sat next to the beautiful and statuesque Jackie Ivie. Of course we had to trade books, since we are probably distantly related on our Cornish ancestors' side. :) She gave me "Heart of a Knight" and I can't wait to read it. I hope she enjoys WT on her flight back to Anchorage.

Let's see, what else...

  • Not being able to find a table for a late lunch in the hotel, Jade Lee, Cindy Holby, Isabo Kelly (with Moonbo on board), JC and I repaired to our room to break out the cold pizza, cheese, crackers, bagels, and whatever else we could graze on. For over an hour we camped out among the food, trading stories and screaming with laughter.

  • Yes, the title of this post is right, I spewed Coke all over myself as Jade told a story I will not repeat here. Nor in polite company anywhere on this earth. Jade, you're a goddess and I adore you.

  • A while later we had dinner at the Palomino restaurant in downtown Pittsburgh followed, in which I ate myself painfully full on cheese fondue, seafood louis salad, and creme brulee. This is the first time since the Walmart Odyssey that I poked my head outside the hotel. It smelled of rain when we left and was raining slightly on the walk back.

  • Stomach too full to go to bed, we ended up in the bar (imagine that...) for an evening of observing the human species at play that I find difficult to describe. J.C.'s blog will probably 'splain it better than I. Suffice to say at one point there were 13 of us lined up along the back wall, observing the goings-on across the room at the bar. J.C. was giving the play by play, complete with barks of "Batter UP!" at crucial moments. "Seventh inning stretches" were filled in with renditions of "Take me out to the ballllll gaaaaaame." The amusement turned to a bit of squick for me when I learned that the gentleman in question is married, and not to the barely-dressed object of his, erm, affections.

  • As usual, I left too soon, dizzy with fatigue. I later found out the floggings began right after I left. Well, phooey. Just when things were getting really good, my camera wasn't around to bring it home to you. My abject apologies. [grin] Will, I hope you got your flogger back at some point from the woman who swiped it from you. ;) I've got a book of yours and Alessia's I promise to try to remember to carry with me tomorrow for you both to sign. Thanks for the tour of your lace-up suede boots.

  • The Dorchester party was great fun, and free books were carted home by all. The band was fantastic, very danceable. I came away with a copy of "These Boots Are Made for Stomping." :)

    More tomorrow, probably after I get home. Between packing up, attending the Samhain Sayonara, and driving home, it'll be a while. :)


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    Writer & Cat said...

    Looking forward to your next spew, hopefully not of mojito :)

    Jody W.