16 April 2008

"It's All About Scaring The Straights..."

The Day Before RT

Compared to last year's odyssey Road Trip To RT Houston Via New Orleans, yesterday's 3 hour jaunt to Pittsburgh was a mere day trip.

The best thing that happened was we pulled into a random highway rest area to, well, you know. J.C. was in the middle of telling me something (not like I was listening, I kind of tune her out after the first hour, you know), and abruptly she is screaming "ROSEMARYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" at a hypersonic pitch only a few talented dogs can hear.

I turned around and there is Rosemary Laurey hobbling toward us, trailed by her Southern Gentleman husband George. She, too, is having foot issues, having just broke it a few weeks ago. Great, all three of us will be gimping around with canes all week! LOL

In short order two more authors appeared, and within seconds we were having our first RT gab session on the sidewalk at a random roadside rest in Ohio. Ah, the magic has already begun.

More fun-ness:

  • By some miracle we scored a junior suite at the Pittsburgh Hilton, which we hadn't planned on but find we sorely needed to accommodate the six boxes of promo we brought!

  • Not 30 seconds inside the lobby door, and we learned that the SF/Fantasy Romance contingent have named Isabo Kelly's expected bundle of joy: "Moon Beaver." Don't ask.

  • My abs are already sore from dinner last night with J.C. Wilder, Linnea Sinclear, Stacy Klemstein, Cindy Holby, Isabo Kelly and Robin D. Owens. I won't name names, but one of spewed liquids. From more than one bodily orifice.

  • I think we gave our little waitress an education she will never forget, as she managed to approach the table at the most odd moments. "Tripod method..." "...a double ended sex toy named Thor..."

  • We cleared the section of the restaurant we were sitting in. The last holdouts were four people who kept throwing disapproving glances in our hootin-and-hollering direction. (Okay, it must have been the 60 decibel conversation about anal sex, I will admit...). As J.C. so aptly put it, "It's all about scaring the straights."

  • "You're getting MORE ice?" (Gia Dawn, camped out in the hallway talking to her family on her cell, after my fourth trip past her on my way to the floor below to the ice machine since THE ONE ON OUR FLOOR IS BROKEN. *ahem*

    Well, I'm off to get my coffee. RT Day One, straight ahead!

    Our work finished for the day, we staggered off to bed around midnight.


    Caffey said...

    Hi Carolyn and everyone there! Thanks for filling me in on the first day. You had me visualizing everyone there! (and jealous, LOL). Will keep visiting to read your RT trip!
    Cathie, a reader

    Stacey said...

    That poor waitress will never be the same. We went there for dinner again the next night, Lisa Shearin and I, and she was so disappointed how calm we were. I told her, "it doesn't work without J.C." : )