04 May 2007

CONTEST: Post RT Giveaway No. 3!

Congratulations, eBookWorm, you won the drawing for yesterday's Cover Flat Lover's package! Send your snail mail addy to carolaniveyATyahooDOTcom.

Today's package, the Button Lover's Package! It was so much fun to see RT goers' tote bags literally covered in them. I have to wonder what that airport TSA scanners thought of those! LOL

Tune in tomorrow for the Pen Lover's Package. I always grab at least one of everything, mainly because I go nuts when I see pretty, colorful things, but usually what I end up keeping are the pens. I still have a gazillion left from the last RT I went to, so I'm happy to give these babies away.

Start posting!


Little Lamb Lost said...

I am quite curious what type of pithy sayings authors came up with for their buttons. :)

Amy S. said...

Congrats eBookWorm!!!!!!

GLENNA said...

Big congrats eBookWorm.

Anonymous said...

YEA ebookworm .........now send some of your luck my way ....k'
Angela (angelgrl)

tlnrwcs said...

Buttons Buttons who wins the buttons me I hope LOL

Pamk said...

congrats ebookworm. And ooh Love buttons. Have quite a collection of them now but can always use more. I am thinking about making a vest to put mine on. I had a problem with losing them off of my tote bag. And I can't have that lol.

Jessy said...

I can't believe I missed the two previous days... O_O

At least there's still something I like, that I can try to win.

Congrats to the two people who won so far. :)

Anonymous said...

congrats to the winners. The pens would be fine to win; always need pens.