23 May 2007

Why a kilt? Why not?

Totally horked from Alberta, Canada resident Alan Gingles, who clearly loves his motorcycle, his kilts, and most of all his lovely wife Karen. I hope he doesn't mind!

Why a Kilt? Why Not?

1. Kilts are the most masculine garment that a man can wear.

2. Women LOVE them!

3. They're far more comfortable than pants. Crushed nuts are for ice-cream sundaes.

4. Women LOVE them!

5. I'm proud of my Celtic heritage.

6. Women LOVE them!

7. They're versatile. You can wear them casually, or dress them up for more formal events.

8. Women LOVE them!

9. More and more men are discovering the comfort, heritage, and pride in wearing kilts.

10. Women LOVE them!

11. Longetivity. You'll never have to throw a kilt away because you've ripped the knees, crotch, or ass out of it.

12. Women LOVE them!

13. When was the last time a beautiful woman asked you what you were wearing under your jeans?

14. Most importantly...women LOVE them!

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