17 May 2007

Thirteen Amusing Dachshund Names

Thirteen Amusing Dachsund Names

Thirteen amusing names I've seen for a dachshund:

1. Nietzsche (Er, what?)

2. Freud (Fitting, since dachsie cuddles are famously therapeutic.)

3. Andouille (As in sausage.)

4. Schnitzel (For a dachshund, it's all about the snacks.)

5. Meister (Perfect, as most dachsies think they're in charge.)

6. Aggravation ('Nuff said.)

7. Chorizo (Sense a theme, here?)

8. Cinemax (Obviously a drama queen.)

9. Gatorhater (Clearly owned by a Buckeye fan!)

10. Jean Luc (Must have mastered the look that demands snacks and orders its human to "Make it so.")

11. Shwing (Full brother to Ch. ShowUpNakedWithSixPack of Austinpowers Acres.)

12. Strudel (Yep, definitely a theme...)

13. Scheisse Kompf (
Look it up. LOL)

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Samantha Lucas said...

How cute! When my kids were little we had a neighbor with four dachshunds and when you walked by the house they all came running out the front door together and right up to the fence. They were the cutest little things. :)

Carolan Ivey said...

Four dachshunds! Oy, they must have been noisy! I've never had more than two (except when Fidget had puppies) and the barking is sometime nightmarish. LOL

Oh yeah, they're cute. Sweet, cuddly, kissy... and annoying, noisy, aggravating, exasperating, noodle-headed, stubborn, difficult to train due to inherent ADHD...

And I can imagine life without 'em.

Mercy's Maid said...

I love the picture. If I had a weenie dog, I'd definitely make it dress like a hot dog. :)