30 May 2007

Pictures of the Day - RT 2007

Thought I'd share a couple of pictures from my RT odyssey. I really didn't take too many photos this year at RT itself, but took several of our side trip through New Orleans. Some of these are higher-res so I'll only post a couple at a time. Enjoy!

The Breakfast Crowd at Cafe du Monde, Jackson Square, the French Quarter.

A "before" picture of our breakfast - BEIGNETS!! YUM! I guess I should have taken an "after" picture, but I was covered in powdered sugar and couldn't pick up my camera.


Samantha Lucas said...

How fun! But now I'm craving sugar. :(

Carolan Ivey said...

Oh, sorry! :D I tell ya, I had powdered sugar from my eyebrows to my knees when I was done. There is literally an inch of the stuff on these pastries!

When you take a bite, if you inhale, you risk choking. If you exhale, you puff it everywhere. LOL You have to hold your breath!